Customization / Product Development

Below is the complete Pre and Post Order Strategies.

Pre Order:

Analysis of the Opportunity
  • Spend Analysis
  • Product Profiling
  • Demand Assessment
  • Commodity Decision
  • Identifying Sourcing Strategies and tactics
  • Identifying Sourcing Strategies and tactics
Identify Potential Manufacturers
  • Market due diligence
  • Factory Shortlisting
Access the Factories
  • Financial, Operational and tax due diligence
  • Fraud and Corruption Risk Assessment
  • System and management assessment

Post Order:

Relationships (negotiations and planning)
  • Negotiation
  • Legal Services
  • Tax Optimism
  • Logistics Planning and Optimization
Implement the program
  • Launch Readiness
  • Procurement process and organization Design
  • Quality
  • Supplier development
  • Supplier monitoring
  • Change management

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