We are very much aware that we must provide additional value to our customers supply chain and overall value chain in general.

  • Only One Contract for the Owner to Manage

    Only One Contract for the Owner to Manage Only One Contract for the Owner to Manage

    A lot of material and equipment is required to execute a project. We provide one window solution for all the project procurement requirements. We can work directly on behalf of the customers with the designers, consultants, project managers etc. and take care of all the items related to project procurement deliverables. In our case, we serve as your independent representative, working in a purposeful collaboration on building complete material requirments. Our team becomes the single source of responsibility for all phases of a project procurement. All services are performed under an umbrella of full transparency where all costs are communicated between us and the client.

  • innovation

    innovation Increased Collaboration and Innovation

    We believe in open and transparent communication, therefore we can ensure increased collaboration and innovation. We believe in working with factories directly and creating collaboration. Due to our excellent and direct relations with the factories, we can deliver best results. We also push the factories for better performing products development with innovation inculcated into those products. Because we are sharing responsibility across all project procurement phases, we are able to offer more collaborative problem solving and innovation from our team. The designer and contractor work together to provide unified project recommendations, rather than disputing, providing unrealistic or misaligned recommendations, or even blame shifting that could lead to litigation. Our entire team is aligned to your project’s success.

  • Timeline Adherence and Efficiencies

    Timeline Adherence and Efficiencies Timeline Adherence and Efficiencies

    As is true with nearly any turnkey solution, we facilitate for streamlined project management and operational efficiencies that save time and help keep your project on track. This method also allows for certain aspects of the project to be expedited when possible. Considering current supply chain challenges, our streamlined approach at Technical Assurance allows us to expedite the material ordering process in order to secure material before the bid phase is complete.

  • Budget Adherence and Money Savings

    Budget Adherence and Money Savings Budget Adherence and Money Savings

    Single responsibility for your project means full collaboration in the estimating phase to develop more accurate estimates. The roles of Business Opportunity General Contracting are integrated, which reduces discrepancies and holds each more accountable to the budget put in place. In contrast, it’s easy to place blame on one another for cost overruns when there are two separate contracts. Our approach allows projects to be completed faster and at optimum cost. The goal of our service is to provide you with the best value for your money.

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